Browse Student Communities and Culture by Series/Report "Asian American youth make up one of the fastest growing populations in the United States. In this course we will explore the ways that second-generation Asian American youth are actively shaping the U.S. landscape in terms of identity formation, youth culture, education, and activism. These experiences will be examined within larger historical, economic, racial, social and political forces in the United States. In addition to an engagement of texts from different academic disciplines to provide us with theoretical perspectives of young people, this course will provide students with first hand research experience as part of The Ethnography of the University Initiative (EUI) by engaging students in the research process and meaningfully interrogate the U of I. A desired outcome of the course is that engagement with both theory and research practice of issues concerning youth, and Asian American youth in particular, will allow students to gain a fuller understanding of race, class, culture, diversity, and gender in U.S society. Moreover, in conducting research related to Asian American youth on campus such as student organizations, sororities or fraternities, student housing life, religious life, and cultural houses, the course will provide students with the opportunity to closely examine issues of student racial diversity at the University of Illinois."