Browse Student Communities and Culture by Series/Report "In Rhetoric 101/100 students are expected to: 1. develop skills as readers and writers by reading and writing sophisticated prose; 2. experience writing as a process of revision, where longer, more complex pieces grow out of earlier work; 3. reflect on their processes as readers and writers as you read, write about, and discuss the texts of the course: published work, peers’ writing, as well as their own; 4. become more practiced at using writing as a means of investigation, of figuring things out, thus challenging the commonplace belief that all writing is designed to prove something once and for all; 5. see connections between, on the one hand, the insights personal essays allow us to grasp as both readers and writers and, on the other, the contexts in which we’re living our lives day to day; 6. accomplish 1-5 above within a course context dedicated to theorizing and practicing the art of the personal and academic essay."

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