Browse Student Communities and Culture by Series/Report "Like all History 200s, this course will open with questions of method: what is good history, and how is it made? After the first few weeks, however, we will shift to consider the role of sound in both the making and retelling of history. We will consider such questions as how to write for audio; how and whether to incorporate sound, archival or otherwise; the strengths and weaknesses of audio (as compared to text) for talking about history; and the hybrid kinds of history (textual, audio, visual) that might emerge in coming years. We will also consider the role of sound itself in human history. How have historians tried to imagine what the world sounded like in the past, and the role that hearing has played in shaping human history and memory?"

  • Hanna, Andrew; Rubin, Ben (2011-08)
    Our audio research project focused on the influence of athletics on campus, both for alumni for its effect on their collegiate experience, and how the University has used athletics to recruit new freshmen during the college ...


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