Browse Student Communities and Culture by Series/Report "RHET105 Spring 2011 Thomas Herakovich"

  • Greetis, Anna; Booker, Alex; Covarrubias, Jesus (11-08)
    Our project is focused on the differences between student athletes and “regular” students (those who do not participate in varsity sports) at the University of Illinois. Our observations inform our assumptions that student ...
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  • Dai, Zhuoyang; Patel, Chintan; Shah, Zulfiqar Ali (2011-08)
    The intended purpose of this research was to discover the causes for the lack of interaction between international and domestic students at U of I. Once these reasons would be evaluated, students along with the faculty of ...
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  • Wirtas,Alexandra; Lopez, Marsella; Hayes, Sam (2011-08)
    Through the use of surveys and observations we examined the way that students at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign use their resources at the Undergraduate Library (UGL) to study. Some resources included ...
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