The University and the Community


EUI appreciates that the boundaries between the university, the local community, and the wider world are porous. Many campus units and constituencies interact with the local community and the world at large in diverse ways, from service programs to research projects. This collection of student research interrogates the relationships between the university and the local community, revealing how such boundaries are constructed, maintained, and transgressed.

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  • Wu, Kefei; DeVriese, Anthony (2016-05)
    To learn about why students choose to move out of university provided housing, Kefei and Anthony conducted a research about different factors that students consider when choosing their living situations. During our research, ...


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  • Kim, Dohye; Kim, So Jung; McDonald, Bridget (2013-04)
    Our research project attempted to find out how South Korean international students envisioned their lives at the UIUC campus. To explore what kind of meanings our informant created during her residency here, we investigated ...


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  • Stilling, Timothy (2012-02)
    Curt McKay went to college in Rockford and taught there before going to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to do graduate work in Library and Information Sciences in 1988. He went on to serve the school in ...


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  • Gernenz, Heather (2011-08)
    What are students’ initial perceptions of Parkland College before attending? What influenced these perceptions of Parkland? Did these perceptions influence the student’s decision to attend Parkland? I used surveys, ...


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  • Bazetta, Julie; Dobbeck, Brendyn; Lattimore, Justin; Shah, Ritu; Martin, Jenny; Martin, Andrew; Perino, Samantha (2011)
    When we started with this research project, we had been searching the internet, the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Archives and more, but we were having trouble finding information on Beulah Drom. We were able to ...


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