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  • Bazetta, Julie; Dobbeck, Brendyn; Lattimore, Justin; Shah, Ritu; Martin, Jenny; Martin, Andrew; Perino, Samantha (2011)
    When we started with this research project, we had been searching the internet, the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Archives and more, but we were having trouble finding information on Beulah Drom. We were able to ...
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  • Cox, Kevin; Crouse, Cody; Goldberg, Adam; Heumann, Jacob; Kim, Daham; Moraes, Sharon (2011-08)
    College students have enough to worry about; they have to manage a social life, maintain a good GPA, and try to fit in some exercise here and there. Clearly, students don't have time to worry about whether or not they are ...
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  • Chen,Tammy; Meyer, Doug; Bernard, Richard; Kelly, Bonnie (2012)
    For the synthesis essay we went over all of our research that we have conducted this year on the topic of a recent smoking ban that has been proposed on campus. Our goal was to find a way to implement a successful smoking ...
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