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The university, like any other institution, is dependent on its human resources; without faculty, staff, administrators, and student workers, the university would simply cease to function. Research here focuses specifically on work life at the university, interrogating the university as a site where people earn their livelihoods.

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  • Soranso, Murillo (2013-06)
    This paper will explore how young professionals of color experience the workplace in student affairs at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Specifically, I will look at how human resource development interventions ...


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  • Rooke, Jeffrey (2013-01)
    Willard Broom grew up in several small towns in southern Illinois, the primary being Greenville, and was the 4th of 5 boys, of which his older 3 brothers attended the University before him. Mr. Broom attended UIUC from ...


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  • Heaton, Emily (2011-08)
    For some students, it seems that employment while in school greatly affects performance in school work, for others, it poses either no threat or can even be seen as a stress reliever. Student employment occurs for many ...


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  • Bazetta, Julie; Dobbeck, Brendyn; Lattimore, Justin; Shah, Ritu; Martin, Jenny; Martin, Andrew; Perino, Samantha (2011)
    When we started with this research project, we had been searching the internet, the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Archives and more, but we were having trouble finding information on Beulah Drom. We were able to ...


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  • Anguiano, Megan; Block, Tarah; Failla, Ricky; Liu, Christopher; Milinkovic, Peter; Reiter, Danny; Schaub, Mike; Sohn, Jin Kon (2011)
    Our goals was to caputre Louise Freer's inspiration and illustrate how it transcends into modern day. We asked how has Louise Freer contributed to our University and society as a whole: What is she responsible for in the ...


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