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Title:Data from: Mississippi River Flood 2011 project
Alternative Title:BPNM_Publication
Author(s):Goodwell, Allison E.; Zhu, Zhenduo; Dutta, Debsunder; Greenberg, Jonathan A.; Kumar, Praveen; Garcia, Marcelo H.; Rhoads, Bruce L.; Holmes, Robert R.; Parker, Gary; Berretta, David P.; Jacobson, Robert B.
Subject(s):Birds Point-New Madrid Floodway
flow modeling
Geographic Coverage:Southeast Missouri, Birds Point, Mississippi River, Ohio River, Birds Point-New Madrid Floodway; 2005, 2011, 2012
Temporal Coverage:2005
Abstract:This collection includes data developed and used for the analysis of the Birds Point-New Madrid (BPNM) Floodway activation in 2011. The data collection includes 10 items, all of which present the processed and derived data. The processed differential LiDAR is the 2005 (pre-flood) LiDAR subtracted from the 2011 (post-flood) LiDAR and corrected for flight line errors. The original LiDAR data were obtained from US Army Corps of Engineers. There are 5 simulated maximum velocity data items from HydroSed2D at two locations (O’Bryan Ridge and Ten Mile Pond) and 2 simulation cases (vegetation and no vegetation). The maximum velocity data for the entire Floodway is for the vegetated case. The NASA AVIRIS dataset is classified into classes representing woody vegetation and bare soil. The soil dataset (K/T) is an erodibility index derived from USDA SSURGO data. Additional data for this study was provided by the USGS, and is available along with the report at the following site: This data includes ADCP (Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler) flow measurements from the inflows an outflows of the Floodway, and HOBO depth sensor measurements from various points within the Floodway. This data were used to validate the HydroSed2D simulations.
Issue Date:2015-03-10
Date Updated:2015-03-10
Date Available in IDEALS:2015-03-10

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