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Title:Lab-in-a-Smartphone: Image Sensor-Based Spectroscopic Analysis
Author(s):Almulla, Saoud
Contributor(s):Dallesasse, John
linear variable filter
Abstract:With their high-resolution cameras and potential for application development, smartphones are proving to be viable vehicles for low-cost detection tools. As handheld alternatives to traditional measurement devices, they can be used in settings where laboratories are unavailable. This projects aims to take advantage of these qualities by developing an inexpensive manufacturable approach to mobile lab analysis. The proposed device consists of a CMOS image sensor covered by different ranged linear variable filters (LVFs) and packaged with four light sources. Before designing the final CMOS sensor package, initial tests had to be made to prove that an LVF-covered CMOS can be used as a viable measurement tool. This paper discusses the experiments conducted and the results obtained. Two measurement techniques are considered: Raman and fluorescence spectroscopy. In the experimental setup, spectral data is obtained by shining a 785 nm laser onto a cuvette filled with an excitable sample of either Rhodamine 6G (Raman) or near-IR dye (fluorescence). The scattered light is then gathered onto the CMOS sensor and images are captured. The LVF’s presence on the sensor produces images displaying discrete bands of light on a dark background. These are processed into the desired spectral graphs and analyzed. Ultimately, the proposed device will also be designed to perform other tests such as label-free biosensor measurements, and the excitation of quantum dots.
Issue Date:2015-05
Sponsor:National Science Foundation; Center for Innovative Instrumentation Technology
Date Available in IDEALS:2015-08-03

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