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This collection contains all UIUC research and scholarship which doesn't currently fall under the jurisdiction of a specific community or collection in IDEALS.

All UIUC faculty, staff and graduate students are encouraged to immediately submit their research to this collection. The submitted work will be reviewed by a small group in the University Library to ensure that it falls within the scope of the IDEALS Collection Policy. In the future, their department or research center may choose to link to their research into a departmental-specific collection.

At this time, undergraduate students at UIUC must ask a faculty or staff member to submit their undergraduate research to this collection. In the future, we hope to also allow undergraduates to immediately submit their own research.

If you have any problems or questions with this collection, or are affliated with UIUC and unable to submit to this collection, please contact

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  • Millerand, Florence; Baker, Karen S. (2020)
    The development of information infrastructures that make ecological research data avail¬able has increased in recent years, contributing to fundamental changes in ecological re¬search. Science and Technology Studies (STS) ...


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  • Getz, Lowell L. (2021-01-14)
    River gunboat activity in the Chesapeake Bay and adjoining rivers during the Civil War was primarily blockade duty. The Potomac Flotilla was established in mid April 1861 to carry out these duties. Gunboats assigned to ...


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  • Rajagopal, Manjunath C; Sinha, Sanjiv (American Institute of Physics, 2021-01)
    Magnetostrictive transducers are commonly used as actuators, sonar transducers, and in remote non-destructive evaluation. Their use in wireless thermometry is relatively unexplored. Since magnetostriction-based sensors are ...


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  • Wasserman, Naomi, L.; Johnson, Thomas (2020-08-15)
    Dataset for NSF EAR 16-60600


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  • Westbury, Ian (2020)
    A teaching unit on the Freedom Summer, 1964, an important period in the Civil Rights struggle in the South. The unit is built around a play written and performed in 1964 by the students in the Freedom School in McComb, ...


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