Browse Technology and Student Life by Title

  • Ruffner, Mark; McCarthy, Mark; Jenkins, Erik (2012)
    In this project we explore the fight between student's rights versus school rights. It is exemplified by the fight of the University of Illinois Meme's page and the University of Illinois's Student Senate. We explore the ...
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  • Congdon, Michael (2011-12)
    To effectively answer the main thesis question the author conducted a survey, an interview, and found several articles from which he could pull information that would be able to support his argument. The initial question ...
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  • Hamilton, Patrick; Kratz, John; Rasky, Alex; Thompson, Matthew (2012)
    A look into Rhet 105 at The University of Illinois and its uses of social media in the classroom. Results show that these technologies establish a community within the classroom that helps aid student learning.
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  • West, Linda (2007-05-15)
    This project explores Women’s Tennis at the University of Illinois prior to 1975. The author is interested in media coverage of Women’s Collegiate tennis and focuses on an inquiry into finding information on the 1975 U.S. ...
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