Caroline M. Hibbard


Professor Hibbard specializes in Tudor-Stuart Britain; early modern Europe; and the Catholic Reformation. Her current research focuses on the Court of Henrietta Maria, 1625-42. Selected publications include Charles I and the Popish Plot (University of North Carolina Press, 1983); "Episcopal Warriors on the British Wars of Religion" in Mark Charles Fissel, ed., War and Government on Britain, 1598-1650 (Manchester University Press, 1991) 164-92; and "The Role of a Queen Consort: the Household and Court of Henrietta Maria, 1625-1642," Ronald Asch and Adolf Birke, eds., in Princes, Patronage, and the Nobility (Oxford University Press, 1991) 393-414. Professor Hibbard received her doctorate from Yale University in 1975.

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