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Title:Struggles for CY students, family's role, and the relationship between them
Author(s):Na, Hye Jung
Subject(s):Chogi Yuhak
Study Abroad
ANTH390 F07
Abstract:My interview question is mostly based on their CY life and about their family. The question is designed to find out what is the condition for the relationship between the interviewees and their family. It has been always argued and questioned what the components are and factors that impacts life of students who are in study aboard from their young stage of their life. And I assumed that the condition and statue between the student and the family is being a great reason and factor for their CY life. As a result, these questions were created to find out distinguishable facts in their family relationship after their CY life has begun. Whether they still have the relationship they used to have when they were in Korea, or whether their relationship got worse or better. It is a well known factor that family greatly influences children’s worldview and value system. Therefore, these question significantly asks how this relationship gives an impact, or affects on their CY life and their future. Also, these interview questions are designed to argue whether their relationship with family results in the success or the failure of their CY life and how it would influence the student's morality which will be a important component for their life.
Issue Date:2008
Publication Status:unpublished
Date Available in IDEALS:2008-06-04

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