Note: This is a student project from a course affiliated with the Ethnography of the University Initiative. EUI supports faculty development of courses in which students conduct original research on their university, and encourages students to think about colleges and universities in relation to their communities and within larger national and global contexts.

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Title:Diversity at Home: the Question of Racialized Lived Spaces on the University of Illinois Campus
Author(s):Hart, Quianna
RHET102L1 S08
Abstract:What is an ideal university? A place where there is diversity, a place where students can feel at home, and a place where students face reality and have new experiences. As incoming freshman students have their own definition of a diverse environment. It’s the fact of whether students see it here on campus here at the University of Illinois What my research seeks to do is to understand diversity and the connection between diversity and university housing. I plan to find out where diversity should start on campus, should it be just in class or should it start where students spend most of his/her time, the dorm?
Issue Date:2008
Course / Semester:Rhet 102: Race and the University, Instr. Eve Eure: This course engages issues of race, diversity and representation at the University of Illinois. Students are encouraged to think about what the university is, as well as about race and ethnicity as a phenomena within the university’s narratives. The readings in the course interrogate U.S. race politics as a way to contextualize our understanding of the relationship between race and the University of Illinois. Students write both long and short essays which critically analyze the readings done both inside and outside of the classroom. This is achieved by a series of writing assignments, which prepare students to look at these various aspects of campus culture which might not otherwise be questioned and/or studied in a critical manner. Students build upon these initial studies to create a larger research project that brings them into conversation with their environment and other scholars, as well as research of previous students. The course syllabus is available at:
Publication Status:unpublished
Date Available in IDEALS:2008-06-09

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    This collection examines ways in which the U.S. university and the American college experience are affected by diversity, and difference. In particular, these student projects examine experiences of diversity on campus, including important contemporary social, cultural, and political debates on equity and access to university resources.
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