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  • Wen, Y.K.; Ellingwood, Bruce Russell; Bracci, Joseph M. (University of Illinois, 2004-04-28)
    Consequence-based engineering is a new paradigm for seismic risk reduction across regions or interconnected systems (Abrams, 2002). In CBE, the risk to a distributed infrastructure systems is quantified, evaluated and ...


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  • Zhang, Yang; Lindell, Michael K.; Prater, Carla S. (Mid-America Earthquake Center, 2007-06)
    Business plays important roles in community functioning. However, disaster research has been disproportionately focusing on units of analysis such as families, households, and government agencies. This paper synthesizes ...


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  • Elnashai, Amr S.; Kim, Sung Jig; Yun, Gun Jin; Sidarta, Djoni (Mid-America Earthquake Center, 2007-03)


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  • Lee, D.; Papanikolaou, Vassilis K.; Elnashai, Amr S. (2004-01)
    This the executible file to download the Zeus NL software, Version 1.8.7.


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