Illinois State Water Survey (ISWS)


The Illinois State Water Survey, in the Prairie Research Institute, is the primary agency in Illinois concerned with water and atmospheric resources.

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  • Gatz, Donald F.; Bowersox, Van C.; Su, Jack; Stensland, Gary J. (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 1988-02)
    Under the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement of 1972, the United States and Canada were provided a framework for the surveillance, monitoring, research, protection, and reclamation of the physical and chemical quality ...


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  • Changnon, Stanley A.; Huff, Floyd A.; Hsu,Chin-Fei; Achtemeier, Gary L.; Westcott, Nancy; Rosenzweig, Paul (1979-01)
    This report serves two functions. First, it is the final report on NSF grant ENV77-01103. This covers an 18- month period of research of July 1977 through December 1978. It should be noted that although this is a final ...


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  • Smith, H. F. (1956-06-12)


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  • Ackerman, William C. (Illinois State Water Survey, 1967-10)
    This technical letter concerns the cost of water transmission lines, and represents one product of research on the cost of water resources development currently under way at the Ill inois State Water Survey. Parallel ...


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  • Yang, Yi-Chen E.; Lin, Yu-Feng F. (Illinois State Water Survey, 2010-11-01)
    uWATER is a tool developed for non-technicallyminded citizens and decision-makers to access scientific modeling results and spatial datasets through an interactive online Geographic Information System (WebGIS). This tool ...


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