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The Department of Physics at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign—ranked among the top ten in the U.S. by the National Research Council of the National Academy of Sciences—is physics on the cutting edge of research and education. Our mission is to serve the people of the State of Illinois, the nation, and the world through leadership in physics research, science education, public outreach, and professional service.

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  • Park, Moon Jip (2018-06-22)
    Topological insulators and semimetals possess the exotic gapless excitations that are governed by relativistic quantum mechanics. Due to the growing interests in these phases, the number of the materials predicted and shown ...


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  • Park, Jungsik (2018-05-24)
    Artificial spin ice refers to an array of elongated ferromagnetic elements, providing a fascinating model system to study novel magnetic behavior induced by frustration. Initially used as a tool to understand the behavior ...


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  • Zhao, Chenchao (2018-07-09)
    This thesis presents three distinct machine learning algorithms based on the mathematical formalism and physical idea of diffusion processes. First, the idea of using heat diffusion on a hypersphere to measure similarity ...


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  • Leong, Zhidong (2018-07-05)
    Inspired by recent photoemission measurements, we demonstrate that the normal state of cuprate superconductors can be described by a power-law liquid, a state of matter with a power-law self-energy $\Sigma^{\pr\pr}\sim(\ ...


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  • Tiwari, Apoorv (2018-07-05)
    This thesis is an investigation of various topological properties of 3 + 1 dimensional Bosonic gapped phases of matter. We divide our study into two main themes, the first involving short-range entangled phases with global ...


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