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The Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at the University of Illinois has built an international reputation for excellence in teaching, research, and service. With over 100 faculty members, our students learn from the best in the classroom and in the laboratory.

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  • Clark, Eric James (2018-07-19)
    Since the widespread adoption of the internet, computer security has become one of the primary concerns of computer systems engineers, who are often faced with a choice between increased performance and stronger security ...


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  • Ng, Pei Han (2018-07-19)
    The first on-chip three-level boost converter with 0.28 mm2 die size is implemented using 65 nm CMOS technology. Leveraging the advantages of hybrid switched capacitor converters, the converter manages to provide a maximum ...


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  • Parsons, Kaitlyn Ann (2018-07-02)
    This thesis investigates wet chemically synthesized graphene nanoribbons (GNRs) on semiconductor substrates using scanning tunneling microscopy and documents the extensive maintenance required for the ultra-high vacuum ...


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  • Huang, Po-Han (2018-06-25)
    We present DeepMVS, a deep convolutional neural network (ConvNet) for multi-view stereo reconstruction. Taking an arbitrary number of posed images as input, we first produce a set of plane-sweep volumes and use the proposed ...


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  • Devnani, Lavin R. (2018-07-18)
    This thesis presents two unique sets of fault injections on mission-critical computer systems with the goal of (1) understanding the impact of faults, errors and failures, and (2) evaluating fault-tolerance and resilience ...


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