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The Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at the University of Illinois has built an international reputation for excellence in teaching, research, and service. With over 100 faculty members, our students learn from the best in the classroom and in the laboratory.

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  • Zhou, Yunwen (2016-05)
    The purpose of fabricating the physical vapor deposition silicon (PVD-Si) wafer is to insert built-in alignment marks on it. To start with, there is a silicon wafer covered by a 100 nm-thick silicon dioxide layer, and then ...


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  • Zhao, Yixuan (2016-05)
    In the design of miniature microstrip transmission lines, a meandered line is often used as an effective method to insert proper electrical delay while reducing the feature size. However, this design technique also introduces ...


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  • Yue, Chang (2016-05)
    This paper discusses method to calculate the electron drift velocity in the F;region of the ionosphere. Data from the ALTAIR radar was provided in voltage phasor form in profile and range dimensions, and was used after ...


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  • Yin, Tong (2016-05)
    The operational amplifier has been widely adopted in the application of voltage follower, current-to-voltage converter, active filter, integrator etc. However, traditional amplifier topologies suffer from the trade-off ...


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  • Xiong, Mingye (2016-05)
    Since its isolation in monolayer sheets, graphene has emerged as an ideal two-dimensional (2D) material with exotic physical properties. For electronics applications, graphene is attractive because of the linear energy-momentum ...


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