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The Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at the University of Illinois has built an international reputation for excellence in teaching, research, and service. With over 100 faculty members, our students learn from the best in the classroom and in the laboratory.

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  • Ni, Junrui (2019-12)
    In previous experiments, human listeners demonstrated that they had the ability to adapt to unheard, ambiguous phonemes after some initial, relatively short exposures. At the same time, previous work in the speech community ...


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  • Wang, Yichen (2019-12)
    Flooding has become the leading unresolved factor for maize yield loss. Extreme rainfall can cause large and separate waterlogging areas in crop fields, which makes loss prediction difficult. Current waterlogging detection ...


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  • Bachu, Siva Phani Keshav (2019-12)
    Digital advertising has grown into one of the biggest budget items however, the process and determination of serving ads has been obscured from much of the public. This means that we cannot know why and how user data ...


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  • Li, Rongzhou (2019-12)
    Safety of autonomous vehicles is a pressing concern in the automobile industry. One core component of autonomous driving safety is for each vehicle to perform a safety analysis based on the current state of other vehicles ...


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  • Zhang, Shuchen (2019-12)
    Spices and herbs are essential culinary ingredients used in cuisines all over the world. They are known to have medicinal values for large varieties of diseases. In this study, we explored the relationship between cuisines, ...


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