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Title:Design and evaluation of a grain respiration measurement system for dry matter loss of soybeans
Author(s):Sood, Kaneeka
Advisor(s):Danao, Mary-Grace C.
Contributor(s):Gates, Richard S; Rausch, Kent D
Department / Program:Engineering Administration
Discipline:Agricultural & Biological Engineering
Degree Granting Institution:University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Subject(s):postharvest loss
dry matter loss
grain respiration
Abstract:A respiration measurement system was designed, fabricated and tested to estimate dry matter loss (DML) of soybeans through monitoring carbon dioxide (CO2) from grain respiration by gravimetric analysis. The system consisted of three parts: conditioned air input, grain respiration column, and moisture and carbon dioxide absorption columns. The system was tested for maximum loading rates (r_(CO_2)^*), minimum residence times (RT), capacities (A_(H_2 O), A_(CO_2 )) and efficiencies (η_(H_2 O), η_(CO_2 )) of moisture and CO2 absorption columns. A pair of preliminary tests with 14% moisture soybeans at 35°C was conducted to demonstrate how to estimate respiration rate (r_(CO_2 )) and DML rate (rDML). Results showed that moisture absorption columns had A_(H_2 O) = 21 g, no minimum RT and overall η_(H_2 O) = 0.96 ± 0.07 when flow rate, Q = 200 to 2000 ml/min. Similarly, the CO2 absorption columns had A_(CO_2 )= 12.6 g with r_(CO_2)^*= 2.1 g/h, minimum RT of 5.4 s and overall η_(CO_2 )= 0.99 ± 0.01 when 〖MC〗_ad ≥ 11.27%. Results from a soybean respiration test showed a r_(CO_2 )= 15.7 mg/(kg·h) and rDML = 0.010%/d, which were comparable to rates reported by Rukunudin et al. (2004). Compositional analysis showed changes in soluble protein, FFA and mold counts may be significant even after 4-5 d of storing 14% moisture soybeans. These results showed the system may be used to evaluate a wide range of respiration and DML rates for various oilseeds, cereal grains, and other agricultural or food products.
Issue Date:2015-12-03
Rights Information:Copyright 2015 Kaneeka Sood
Date Available in IDEALS:2016-03-02
Date Deposited:2015-12

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