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The Department of English at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is a large, diverse, and dynamic group of teachers and students. As we maintain our traditional strengths in English and American Literature, Creative Writing, and Writing Studies, we are developing new focuses in areas such as Print and Material Culture, New Media, and Irish Studies.

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  • Hubert, Ann Marie (2015-12-03)
    “Performing Piety” examines the interdependent relationship between medieval sermons and plays in late-medieval East Anglia, arguing that the mutual use of thematic divisions and exempla (moral tales) evinces the reciprocal ...


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  • Tong, Xiao Di (2015-11-19)
    On September 6, 1899, in response to the looming threat foreign powers posed to American trade agreements with China, Secretary of State John Hay enunciated the first “Open Door Policy.” It proposed to keep China open to ...


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  • Barber Stetson, Claire Elizabeth (2015-09-09)
    This dissertation begins by recognizing that many texts written at the end of the twentieth century by individuals with autism spectrum disorders share distinctive aesthetic and poetic characteristics with experimental ...


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  • Ruiz, Ariana A (2015-07-17)
    The myth of American travel and mobility has long shaped ideas of nation and national identity. In postwar cultural production, to move freely is to enact rights governed by U.S. citizenship. Mobility is thus an embodied ...


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  • Wood, Elaine S (2015-07-17)
    When asked to consider bodies and sexuality in literature, people often imagine scenes from D.H. Lawrence’s Lady Chatterley’s Lover (1928). In marked contrast to her voiceless fictional predecessor Anne Elliot whose “word ...


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