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The School of Integrative Biology studies how the different components of life interact, from molecules through global cycles.

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  • Hustad, Vincent Patrick (2015-07-16)
    The earth tongue fungi are a relatively small but captivating group of fungi that have fascinated mycologists for over three hundred years. From the first mention of “Fungus ophioglossoides” in 1667 to the latest molecular ...


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  • Stein, Laura Renee (2015-06-19)
    Whether phenotypic plasticity can accelerate evolution is often debated. Transgenerational plasticity (parental effects) are a particularly potent form of plasticity that occurs when the environment experienced by a parent ...


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  • Larabee, Fredrick J. (2015-07-14)
    Key innovations are traits that allow organisms to interact with their environment in novel ways and are thought to facilitate adaptive radiation. By providing access to previously untapped resources, key innovations allow ...


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  • Naeger, Nicholas Leo (2015-07-16)
    Investigations into animal behavior can have two different forms of inquiry. Proximate questions are concerned with how a behavior evolved and the mechanisms underlying it, while ultimate questions are concerned with the ...


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  • Lexa, Matej (1999)
    In this dissertation, I have explored this question experimentally. My approach was to obtain plants with NO3- reduction mostly in the roots or mostly in the leaves, measure growth and biomass allocation parameters of those ...


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