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  • Wei, Qin; Heidorn, P. Bryan (2008-10-17)
    The information in museum specimen labels is not well recognized and used. The reason is mainly because this information is not part of the information retrieval systems. It is very expensive to have human to hand input ...


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  • Wei, Qin (2011-08-25)
    Providing a single access point to an information system from multiple sources is helpful in many fields. As a case study, this research investigates the potential of applying information fusion techniques in biodiversity ...


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  • Wei, Qin; Freeland, Chris; Heidorn, P. Bryan (2008-10-17)
    Taxonomic Name Recognition (TNR) algorithm – identifying a text string as a taxonomic name or not and recognizing the boundaries of the name – is very important in BHL digitization project in determining whether the ...


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