Composition of Religious and Ethnic Groups (CREG) Project

The Composition of Religious and Ethnic Groups (CREG) project is a large-scale Cline Center effort that aims to fill an important void in the field of comparative politics by creating time-varying measures of country-level ethnic and religious demographics. It includes the 165 countries with a population greater than 500,000 in 2004 (1945-2013). The first CREG dataset estimates the relative sizes of the principal ethnic and religious groups in each country. Subsequent efforts include: expanding and refining the demographic data, making it compatible with widely-used datasets used in the study of ethno-religious politics, linking group-level data to conflict and cooperation processes, and an expert survey. The latter will initially focus on a subset of African nations and characterize the beliefs, institutions, and socio-cultural norms that define their ethnic and religious communities.

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