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The Certificate of Advanced Study (CAS) in library and information science is open to those who hold a master's degree in LIS. Librarians, information scientists, and others in information management enroll in the program to refresh and update their skills, gain greater specialization in their professional training, or redirect their careers from one area to another. This collection contains project reports by students in the CAS program.

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  • Van Poolen, S.K. (2018-06)
    What began as a known and understood weather phenomenon named Katrina, quickly became a symbol of injustice, racism, inadequacy, failure, and classism. Once the initial shock of New Orleans drowning turned into the relief ...


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  • Caragher, Kristyn (2016)
    The idea for the Anti-Oppression Workshop Series was first conceived by Caragher in the fall of 2015 and was actualized in the spring of 2016 through institutional support from Lori Mestre, the University Library Diversity ...


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  • Power, Amy (2017-05-03)
    Public libraries are well positioned to supply a wide range of health and wellness information for families and individuals. Designing and implementing health and wellness resources, programming and services at public ...


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  • Uphoff, Heidi A. (2016-08-20)
    This study of SciTech Connect, the Department of Energy's Public Access Portal, was devised to identify usability issues in order to make redesign recommendations. The application has undergone many changes in its scope ...


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  • Helregel, Nicole Kathleen (2015-05)
    Abstract: Marketing and outreach services are an increasingly important part of library services. The main objective of this research project was to study library marketing and outreach, both in education and in practice, ...


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