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Title:Measures of novelty in biomedical literature
Author(s):Mishra, Shubhanshu; Torvik, Vetle I.
novelty detection
Abstract:We introduce several measures of novelty for a scientific article in MEDLINE based on the concepts associated with it. The concepts associated with an article are identified using the Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) assigned to the article. A temporal profile was computed for each MeSH term (and the combination of pairs of MeSH terms) based on their overall occurrences in MEDLINE, after which papers are labeled by their most novel MeSH and pairs of MeSH as measured in years and volume of prior work. Across all papers in MEDLINE published since 1985, we find that individual concept novelty is rare (5.4% of papers have a MeSH <= 3 years old; 1.2% have a MeSH <= 20 papers old), while combinatorial novelty is the norm (55% have a pair of MeSH <= 3 years old; 78% have a pair of MeSH <= 20 papers old). Our novelty measures are positively correlated with citations rates, after accounting for the journal effect, but they are not strongly predictive. The correlation of our novelty measures with author age is more complex: of authors with > 50 papers about 90% had increasing individual novelty scores over their career on average, but the variability also increased. There is little, if any, correlation between the author age and the time-point of their most novel work. Our measures can be accessed at
Issue Date:2016-03-22
Citation Info:Mishra S., Torvik VI Measures of novelty in biomedical literature. International Symposium on Science of Science March 22-23, 2016 - Library of Congress, Washington DC, USA
Genre:Conference Paper / Presentation
Conference Poster
Sponsor:NIH P01AG039347
NSF 1348742
Date Available in IDEALS:2016-03-24

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