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The GSLIS Center for Informatics Research in Science and Scholarship (CIRSS) conducts research on information problems that impact scientific and scholarly inquiry. Our projects and activities focus on how digital information can advance the work of scientists and scholars, the curation of research data, and the integration of information within and across disciplines and research communities.

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  • Thomer, Andrea K.; Twidale, Michael B.; Guo, Jinlong; Yoder, Matthew J. (2016-02-28)
    Taxonomy is the branch of science concerned with classi- fying organisms: drawing the line between cats and dogs, fish and fowl, animals and vegetables. Modern taxonomic work is built on a hundreds-year-old tradition of ...


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  • Downie, J. Stephen; Cole, Timothy; Senseney, Megan (2015-12-22)
    This document assembles and describes the outcomes of the four prototyping projects undertaken as part of the Workset Creation for Scholarly Analysis (WCSA) research project (2013 – 2015). Each prototyping project team ...


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  • Senseney, Megan (2016-01-27)
    YesWorkflow (YW) is a grassroots initiative that “aims to provide a number of the benefits of using a scientific workflow management system without having to rewrite scripts and other scientific software.” YW represents ...


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  • Nurmikko-Fuller, Terhi; Fallaw, Colleen; Jett, Jacob; Page, Kevin R.; Cole, Timothy W.; Maden, Christopher; Willcox, Pip; Senseney, Megan; Downie, J. Stephen (Center for Informatics Research in Science and Scholarship, Graduate School of Library and Information Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2015-10-29)
    This spreadsheet provides a column-wise comparison of four leading RDF-based bibliographic vocabularies: MODS/MADS RDF, BIBFRAME, and FRBRoo. The data demonstrates areas of alignment among the ontologies with ...


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  • Hinze, Annika; Taube-Schock, Craig; Cunningham, Sally Jo; Bainbridge, David (2015-06-15)
    The Capisco project developed a suite of tools that analyze documents by the semantics of their content and metadata. Clustering documents by semantic similarity opens a wealth of opportunities for scholarly research.The ...


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