Library Trends 64 (3) Winter 2016: Valuing Librarianship: Core Values in Theory and Practice


Library Trends 64 (3) Winter 2016: Social Justice in Library and Information Science and Services. Edited by Selinda A. Berg and Heidi L.M. Jacobs, University of Windsor.

In 2011 we published an article in Library Trends where we concluded, “It is worth considering why the ALA Core Values seem to have lost their traction or relevance in the daily work librarians perform. There may be political, institutional, professional, or organizational reasons why this has happened and these factors would be well worth exploring” (Jacobs & Berg, 2011, p. 391). In 2014, as the tenth anniversary of the adoption of the American Library Association’s (ALA) “Core Values of Librarianship” came and went without any scholarly or professional attention, we found we were still considering these questions and issued a call to librarians and LIS faculty to explore these questions along with us. As Maura Seale eloquently asserts in her contribution to this special issue, “ALA’s Core ‘Core Values of Librarianship’ (2004) wants to tell a story” (p. 596). This special issue, “Valuing Librarianship: Core Values in Theory and Practice,” is an attempt to tell some of those stories.

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  • Kumbier,Alana; Starkey, Julia (Johns Hopkins University Press and the Graduate School of Library and Information Science. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign., 2016)
    In this paper we advocate for an understanding of access that both responds to the pragmatic needs of the American Library Association’s “Core Values of Librarianship” (to guide professional practice and education) and ...


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