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Title:You shall go no further, Mr. Projectile...Not anymore!
Author(s):Raviprasad, Srikanth
Contributor(s):Soni, Abhishek; Suri, Shiva
Subject(s):Aerospace Engineering
Abstract:I am working on designing a novel structure to resist ballistic impacts. This impactor could be in the form of bullets, blast waves or even hyper-velocity impacts from micro-meteoroids that spacecraft are prone to. I am studying the material behavior of metals and fiber reinforced composites, arranged in different unexplored structural configurations, subjected to high velocity impacts by simulating them on ABAQUS and conducting experimental validation. To showcase this here, I sketched a shooter targeting a plate and imparted a transition of bullet-from-the-sketch to the bullet-in-simulation before it strikes the plate, to depict both: an application as well as results of my work. The plate depicts different fringes of colors that are explained by the varying parameter levels of each of its elements after impact. We cannot forget the Columbia Space Shuttle disaster that parched 7 astronauts in 2003 due to a foam insulation piece that broke off from the Shuttle’s external tank and punched a hole in its left wing. If only the wing of the spacecraft was made of a stronger structure...if only the tactical shields of our martyred soldiers were made of a stronger structure … if only RMS Titanic was made of a stronger structure…I am proudly working on just that, to make this world a safer place to live!
Issue Date:2016-04
Rights Information:Copyright 2016 Srikanth Raviprasad
Date Available in IDEALS:2016-04-15

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