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PWW is a digital scholarly publishing initiative that is scholar-driven, openly accessible, scalable, and sustainable. PWW will directly engage with you throughout the research process. It aims to build publishing models that can be supported locally by a university’s library, while also opening new avenues toward publication through university presses and other publishers. PWW is here to help scholars navigate the new opportunities presented by collaborative, multi-modal, and interim phase works. PWW is now launching two new series: one focusing on the outcomes of the Humanities Without Walls Global Midwest initiative and another concentrating on African American Studies with targeted outreach to scholars from HBCUs and memory institutions specializing in African American history and culture. We encourage interested scholars to consult with our project team on potential publications with PWW.

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  • Senseney, Megan; Swatscheno, Janet; Green, Harriett; Bonn, Maria; thomas-houston, marilyn (Publishing Without Walls, 2017-04-10)
    On April 10, 2017, Publishing Without Walls conducted a day-long incubation workshop on digital scholarly publishing hosted by the Illinois Program for Research in the Humanities with the goal of engaging with scholars ...


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  • Senseney, Megan; Green, Harriett; Bonn, Maria (2016-03-30)
    Publishing Without Walls is currently planning a Global Midwest series geared toward publishing the results of the Humanities Without Walls(HWW) Global Midwest projects. On March 30 and April 4, 2016 PWW conducted a set ...


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