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Title:CLARITY IHC image of half a coronal mouse midbrain slice for characterizing the distribution of three distinct isoforms of TCF7L2
Author(s):Sun, Hao
Contributor(s):Stubbs, Lisa
Subject(s):CLARITY IHC
Splice Variant
Abstract:This image shows the right half of a 200 um thick mouse brain slice, which is rendered transparent with CLARITY technique for IHC and then imaged on the 5x objective of a Zeiss LSM 710. This novel technique removed the lipid content yet retained the protein and nucleus structure in the brain tissue. The image is used for identifying the distribution of three isoforms of my protein of interested, TCF7L2, which is an ultimate effector of the Wnt pathway and had known to be causing neuropsychiatric disorder. Three channels were used for imaging. First, the Nuclei stained by Hoechst are indicated in the blue channel. Then, the signal from the IHC for the TCF7L2 is indicated by cyan and finally, the signal from the IHC for the HMG-Box of TCF7lC is indicated by red. The white region visible on the image is caused by the overlapping of cyan and red channel that indicate a complete form of TCF7L2. The red region indicates the localization of repressive form TCF7L2 whereas an absent cyan region indicates defects forms of TCF7L2 that cannot interact with DNA. For more information about the Image of Research--Undergraduate Edition go to:
Issue Date:2016-04
Rights Information:Copyright 2016 Hao Sun
Date Available in IDEALS:2016-04-21

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