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text/csvfile_format_tests_final.csv (2MB)
comma-separated values file comprising initial export of test data from Medusa digital preservation repositoryCSV file


application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml.sheetfile_format_tests_final.xlsx (848kB)
Microsoft Excel version of above CSV file to facilitate import to Access database (created in Microsoft Excel 2013)Microsoft Excel 2007


application/octet-streamfileFormatTests.accdb (21MB)
Microsoft Access database (created in Access 2013); the table file_format_tests was imported from the XLSX file above; queries were used for data tables in paperUnknown


text/plainREADME.txt (2kB)
(no description provided)Text file


Title:File Format Endangerment Data
Author(s):Rimkus, Kyle R.; Witmer, Scott D.
Subject(s):digital preservation
file format endangerment
preservation risk
digital libraries
Abstract:These data files support the paper "Managing File Format Endangerment in Digital Preservation Repositories: An Evidence-Based Approach" by Kyle Rimkus and Scott Witmer. The paper seeks to advance digital preservation theory and practice by presenting an evidence-based model for file format policy management within a repository. It details the results of an experiment at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign library, where the authors procured a random sample of files from their institution’s digital preservation repository and tested their ability to open said files using software specified in local policies. This sampling regime furnished a portrait of local preservation risk grounded not in nominal preferences for one format’s characteristics over another, but in empirical evidence of what types of files present genuine barriers to staff and patron access. This research resulted in meaningful diagnostic data on file format risk within the repository, and provides a new model for conducting repository audits of file format risk. The authors submitted the paper April 2016 to iPres 2016. If accepted, it will appear in conference proceedings in late 2016.
Issue Date:2016-04-21
Type:dataset / spreadsheet
Date Available in IDEALS:2016-04-21

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