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This collection contains all UIUC research and scholarship which doesn't currently fall under the jurisdiction of a specific community or collection in IDEALS.

All UIUC faculty, staff and graduate students are encouraged to immediately submit their research to this collection. The submitted work will be reviewed by a small group in the University Library to ensure that it falls within the scope of the IDEALS Collection Policy. In the future, their department or research center may choose to link to their research into a departmental-specific collection.

At this time, undergraduate students at UIUC must ask a faculty or staff member to submit their undergraduate research to this collection. In the future, we hope to also allow undergraduates to immediately submit their own research.

If you have any problems or questions with this collection, or are affliated with UIUC and unable to submit to this collection, please contact

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  • Mortimer, Armine Kotin (Barthes Studies, 2015-11-12)


    application/pdfPDF (291kB)
  • Sollers, Philippe; Mortimer, Armine Kotin (The Brooklyn Rail, 2016-02)
    A translation of an excerpt from the first chapter of Sollers's Passion fixe, a novel about the protagonist's relationship with Dora, who became his lifelong mistress.


    application/pdfPDF (158kB)
  • Sollers, Philippe; Mortimer, Armine Kotin (2016)
    This excerpt, “Mother,” narrates the death of the protagonist’s mother from cancer in a clinic in the south of France, followed by a surprise package that arrives after her death like an encoded message from the beyond. ...


    application/pdfPDF (84kB)
  • Sollers, Philippe; Mortimer, Armine Kotin (2016-10)
    Comments about Glenn Gould with quotations from his writings.


    application/pdfPDF (508kB)
  • Mortimer, Armine Kotin; Sollers, Philippe (3:AM Magazine, 2016-01-26)
    Philippe Sollers, a notoriously woman-oriented novelist, addresses the relations between the sexes as concerns real women in Portraits de femmes, published by Flammarion in 2013. “Cleopatra” is my translation of the twentieth ...


    application/pdfPDF (152kB)

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