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This collection contains all UIUC research and scholarship which doesn't currently fall under the jurisdiction of a specific community or collection in IDEALS.

All UIUC faculty, staff and graduate students are encouraged to immediately submit their research to this collection. The submitted work will be reviewed by a small group in the University Library to ensure that it falls within the scope of the IDEALS Collection Policy. In the future, their department or research center may choose to link to their research into a departmental-specific collection.

At this time, undergraduate students at UIUC must ask a faculty or staff member to submit their undergraduate research to this collection. In the future, we hope to also allow undergraduates to immediately submit their own research.

If you have any problems or questions with this collection, or are affliated with UIUC and unable to submit to this collection, please contact

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  • Jackson, Sally A.; Schneider, Jodi (2016-07-09)
    Health controversies are infused with products of expert reasoning, often interpreted by non-experts. To understand these controversies, we must pay closer attention both to the field-dependent devices that characterize ...


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  • Scagnoli, Norma I.; Catuogno, Marina (2003)
    El aporte de la tecnología en el proceso de enseñanza aprendizaje ha sido enorme, especialmente a partir de los avances en las telecomunicaciones que permitieron el fácil acceso a gran cantidad información a través de ...


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  • Scagnoli, Norma I.; Fainholc, Beatriz (2007-08)
    This presentation introduces the experience of a technological innovation by ITC integration in the curriculum of the undergraduate “Educational Technology” course for education majors at the Faculty of Education Sciences ...


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  • McGuire, B (2016-06-07)
    In our previous analyses of occurrence, size, and composition of communal groups of prairie voles (Microtus ochrogaster), we treated population density as a categorical variable (< 100/ha and > 100/h) and used spring through ...


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  • Alan Bilansky (2016)
    Over the past decade large, searchable collections of primary texts have been embraced by virtually all literary scholars and this has led to changes in how scholarship is conducted. This article offers a partial history ...


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