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  • Nicol, Dianne; Eckstein, Lisa; Morrison, Michael; Sherkow, Jacob S.; Otlowski, Margaret; Whitton, Tess; Bubela, Tania; Burdon, Kathryn P.; Chalmers, Don; Chan, Sarah; Charlesworth, Jac; Critchley, Christine; Crossley, Merlin; de Lacey, Sheryl; Dickinson, Joanne L.; Hewitt, Alex W.; Kamens, Joanne; Kato, Kazuto; Kleiderman, Erika; Kodama, Satoshi; Liddicoat, John; Mackey, David A.; Newson, Ainsley J.; Nielsen, Jane; Wagner, Jennifer K.; McWhirter, Rebekah E. (Genome Medicine, 2017-09-25)
    Genome editing using clustered regularly interspersed short palindromic repeats (CRISPR) and CRISPR-associated proteins offers the potential to facilitate safe and effective treatment of genetic diseases refractory to other ...


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