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  • Beak, Jihee; Olson, Hope A.; Edwards, Chloe; Kipp, Margaret E.I.; Milonas, Elizabeth; Green, Rebecca; Spiteri, Louise; Hudon, Michèle; MacCall, Steven; Fortier, Alexandre; McTavish, Jill; Milani, Suellen Oliviera; van den Heuvel, Charles; Loeherlein, Aaron; La Barre, Kathryn A.; Pimentel, David M.; Fox, Melodie; Dousa, Thomas M.; Pattuelli, Cristina; Tennis, Joseph T.; Barros, Thiago Henrique Bragato; Campbell, D. Grant; Thornton, Katherine (2011-10-29)
    In this volume are represented the proceedings of the Third North American Symposium on Knowledge Organization held at Ryerson University in Toronto Canada on June 16-17, 2011. It contains 21 papers and one abstract.


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