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  • Ohlin, Mats; Scheepers, Cathrine; Corcoran, Martin; Lees, William D.; Busse, Christian E.; Bagnara, Davide; Thörnqvist, Linnea; Bürckert, Jean-Philippe; Jackson, Katherine J. L.; Ralph, Duncan; A., Chaim; Marthandan, Nishanth; Breden, Felix; Scott, Jamie; Matsen IV, Frederick A.; Greiff, Victor; Yaari, Gur; Kleinstein, Steven H.; Christley, Scott; Sherkow, Jacob S.; Kossida, Sofia; Lefranc, Marie-Paule; van Zelm, Menno C.; Watson, Corey T.; Collins, Andrew M. (Frontiers in Immunology, 2019-03-18)
    Immunoglobulins or antibodies are the main effector molecules of the B-cell lineage and are encoded by hundreds of variable (V), diversity (D), and joining (J) germline genes, which recombine to generate enormous IG ...


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