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  • Dolezal, Adam G.; Carrillo-Tripp, Jimena; Judd, Timothy M.; Miller, W. Allen; Bonning, Bryony C.; Toth, Amy L. (Royal Society, 2019-02-06)
    Honeybee population declines have been linked to multiple stressors, including reduced diet diversity and increased exposure to understudied viral pathogens. Despite interest in these factors, few experimental studies have ...


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  • Rutter, Lindsay; Carrillo-Tripp, Jimena; Bonning, Bryony C.; Cook, Dianne; Toth, Amy L.; Dolezal, Adam G. (BMC Genomics. BMC. Springer Nature., 2019-05-22)


    Parts of Europe and the United States have witnessed dramatic losses in commercially managed honey bees over the past decade to what is considered an unsustainable extent. The large-scale ...


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