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  • Scagnoli, Norma I. (2003)
    Feedback is a key element in online programs. It keeps alive the flow of communication between the members of the virtual community, and it helps to improve the effectiveness of the program. In this study, we look into the ...


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  • Cromley, Jennifer G.; Fechter, Tia S.; Dai, Ting; Nelson, Frank E. (2021)
    The authors created and validated a new measure of deductive reasoning with newly-presented material in biology. The technical details of the measure, the development process, and appropriate and inappropriate uses are ...


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  • Denneler, Alyssa (2017-11-08)
    Planning to adapt or expand existing space in an academic library can be challenging, and librarians use a variety of methods as an attempt to access the needs of their primary patrons- the students. Mixed-methods studies ...


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