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  • Engels, William R.; Benz, Wendy K.; Preston, Christine R.; Graham, Patricia L.; Phillis, Randall W.; Robertson, Hugh M. (Genetics Society of America, 1987-12)
    Nonautonomous P elements normally excise and transpose only when a source of transposase is supplied, and only in the germline. The germline specificity depends on one of the introns of the transposase gene which is not ...
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  • Robertson, Hugh M.; Preston, Christine R.; Phillis, Randall W.; Johnson-Schlitz, Dena M.; Benz, Wendy K.; Engels, William R. (Genetics Society of America, 1988-03)
    A single P element insert in Drosophila melanogoster, called P[ry+A2-3](99B), is described that causes mobilization of other elements at unusually high frequencies, yet is itself remarkably stable. Its transposase activity ...
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  • Gloor, Gregory B.; Preston, Christine R.; Johnson-Schlitz, Dena M.; Nassif, Nadine A.; Phillis, Randall W.; Benz, Wendy K.; Robertson, Hugh M.; Engels, William R. (Genetics Society of America, 1993-09)
    We describe here a family of P elements that we refer to as type I repressors. These elements are identified by their repressor functions and theilra ck of any deletion within the first two-thirds of the canonical P ...
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