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  • Anthony, Kathryn H.; Watkins, Nicholas J. (University of Illinois Press, 2009)


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  • Getz, Lowell L. (2016-08-15)
    A brief history of the development of the University of Illinois from it beginnings as a very small local college to a large world class University. At the beginning, March 2, 1868, it was the Illinois Industrial University, ...


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  • Towns, John; Gerstenecker, David; Herriott, Laura; Hetrick, Ashley; Imker, Heidi J.; Larrison, Chris; Poole, Marshall Scott; Shaffer, Eric Gene; Smith, Tracy; Thompson, Chuck; Watson, Rob (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2015-10-12)
    The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is a leader in computing and information technology (IT). Our leadership role has both produced and been produced by a culture of innovation. Many efforts have arisen over the ...


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  • Valdivia, Angharad; Hawisher, Gail; Estabrook, Leigh; Barrett, Jenny; Irish, Sharon (FemTechNet Collective, 2013-09-24)
    The collective FemTechNet produced this video about a group at the University of Illinois in the 1990s known as WITS, Women, Information Technology, and Scholarship. Four former WITS members—Jenny Barrett, Leigh Estabrook, ...


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