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Title:The Use of Academic Student Services and Help-Seeking Behaviors Among Undergraduate College Students
Author(s):Del Mastro, Nicole M.; Schneider, Lauren N.
Contributor(s):Baber, Lorenzo
Subject(s):Academic Services
Undergraduate College Students
Student Motivation
Student Surveys
Use of Services
Freshman Orientation
Academic Advising
Career Counseling
Writing Center
Tutoring Center
Leadership Center
Library Services
Abstract:This study examined the use of academic services and student motivations for seeking assistance at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Prior research has studied the influence of each service individually on student retention and success. However, little research has been conducted within a university to understand how their students use various resources and how to reach their student body. The present study investigated this issue by surveying 47 undergraduate students about their use of services and how they found out about each. After this survey, two participants were interviewed about their motivations to seek out an academic service. The survey findings indicated that academic advising and library services were utilized the most. The findings also demonstrated that freshmen orientation and academic advisors were the main sources that helped students discover campus resources. These results illustrate the importance of understanding students’ use of academic services to target the diverse student body and to improve student outcomes.
Issue Date:2016-05
Course / Semester:EOL 570 Fall 2013
Date Available in IDEALS:2016-05-26

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  • Diversity on Campus/Equity and Access
    This collection examines ways in which the U.S. university and the American college experience are affected by diversity, and difference. In particular, these student projects examine experiences of diversity on campus, including important contemporary social, cultural, and political debates on equity and access to university resources.

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