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The Institute of Government and Public Affairs (IGPA) is the place where world-class research and policy meet. Over the past 73 years, IGPA has worked to ensure that the University of Illinois System’s world-class scholars bring their immense research, knowledge and understanding to bear on pressing policy issues, on behalf of the people of Illinois. Today, IGPA has evolved into the people’s policy think tank, providing evidence-based research and data-driven analysis connecting scholars and their work to decision-makers in Illinois, the Midwest, and the nation. IGPA strives to identify the most pressing policy topics to help guide their scholarly work and serve as a bridge connecting policymakers and thought leaders to objective research gathered using the most appropriate research methods critical to all policy conversations. In 2020, IGPA launched the IGPA Task Force on the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic putting scores of scholars into conversation with policymakers. Their policy publications have undergirded conversations on public health, fiscal recovery, community resilience, and more. IGPA’s scholars also collaborate within focused working groups, including - Education, Learning and Child Well-Being, - Equity, Justice and Human Flourishing, - Fiscal and Economic Policy, and - Substance Use Disorders and Behavioral Health.

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  • Dye, Richard; Merriman, David F. (Institute of Government & Public Affairs, 2013-02-20)
    This report discusses decisions that must be made now to set the state budget on a path toward balance. The authors observe that although progress has been made toward sustainability through policies implementing cost ...


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  • KAESTNER, ROBERT, LO SASSO, ANTHONY T. (Institute of Government & Public Affairs, 2013-02-20)
    This report provides an assessment of three state policies that are targeted at the hospital industry in Illinois. The authors take a close look at tax exemptions for not-for-profit hospitals, the Medicaid hospital assessment ...


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  • HERRING, CEDRIC (Institute of Government & Public Affairs, 2013-02-20)
    Life at the Edge: Precarity and Economic Insecurity in Illinois and the United States By Cedric Herring This report examines precarity and economic insecurity in the United States and Illinois. Precarity is a ...


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  • Hall, Matthew (2012-02-03)
    As mandated by Article 1 of the U.S. Constitution, Congress is required to authorize and fund a complete count of the American population every 10 years. The form of the decennial census has changed over time, from a simple ...


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  • Chapa, Jorge (Institute of Government & Public Affairs, 2012-02-03)
    Given the rapid growth of the Latino population of Illinois, it is now essential to deepen our understanding of this group. This population increase is occurring at a time when the economy has yet to recover from the Great ...


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