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  • Cheng, Yuan; Ke, Deyuan (2017)


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  • Illini Go 
    Franco, Sandra, M; Singh, Ravijot; Pan, Yiting; George, Daniel (2017-05-04)
    Illini Go is a mobile based virtual tour guide designed for students to explore and contribute to our university’s 150 years of myths, legends, and historical facts.


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  • Arensdorf, Matthew; Chen, Emily; McCarthy, Mark (2017-04-27)
    We introduce a website that overlays the accessibility floor plans of 100+ university buildings onto Google Maps, allowing students with disabilities to dynamically navigate around campus and view the available accessibility ...


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  • (2016-11-01)
    To bridge the gap between humanities and computer science, TALK2DATA allows anyone with zero programming experience to immediately start doing data science. This is the first system ever built that enables full-fledged ...


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