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In the College of Business at Illinois, a passion for excellence drives how we learn, teach, research and engage in the business world. Accountancy, business, and finance curricula integrate with innovative methods and ideas to nurture leadership potential. Our faculty, students and alumni comprise an incomparable network of brilliant people setting the highest standards for leadership in the global economy.

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  • Kim, Jihyeon (2020-04-27)
    This dissertation investigates the systematic patterns of neglecting and underappreciating the morality of candidates in selection decisions. In Chapter 1, I propose that selectors tend to seek out information on competence ...


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  • Gao, Meng (2020-04-28)
    My Ph.D. dissertation consists of three essays and focuses on informed trading by various economic agents. The first essay provides causal evidence that compensation shocks due to missing relative performance goals prompts ...


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  • Zhang, Nan (2020-04-22)
    This dissertation studies the enforcement change of antitrust policy after the global financial crisis of 2008 and the influence of antitrust enforcement on foreign-investment activities. In the years after the global ...


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  • Wang, Shuyang (2020-04-13)
    I study whether private equity (PE) ownership is associated with portfolio firms’ financial misreporting by examining the occurrence of restatements and SEC enforcement actions during the post-IPO period. Using a sample ...


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  • Williams Jr., Jeffrey O (2020-04-13)
    The growth of the gamification industry has increased the use of avatar-enhanced leaderboards as a method of providing public relative performance information (RPI). This study examines the effect of representing employees ...


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