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Title:Point-of-Care Device for Counting Cells Using a Single Drop of Blood
Author(s):Varghese, Jeffrey
Contributor(s):Bashir, Rashid; Valera, Enrique; Price, Zack; Bartumeus, Victor; Kadadevarmath, Varshini; Healey, Ryan; Mansury, Naif; Rappleye, Mike; Berger, Jacob; Carlson, Andrew; Liu, Cynthia; Gomez, Audrey; Hasnain, Alex
Abstract:The goal of the research project is to develop a bio-chip capable of performing a complete blood cell count. Carle Foundation Hospital supplies samples of patients' blood for experiments. The current standard to obtain cell counts requires the use of a flow cytometer, a large and expensive medical device. We have created an immune-capture assay to count specific leukocytes via impedance in a microfluidic bio-chip with a single drop of blood. Irregularities in white blood cell count (leukocytes) are indicators of diseases such as leukemia, immunodeficiency, bone marrow failure etc. The blood is lysed to disintegrate red blood cells (erythrocytes) and quickly quenched to preserve leukocytes. Leukocytes are then passed through a capture chamber containing antibodies that adsorb the leukocytes of interest. Cells are counted before and after the capture chamber via microfabricated platinum electrodes and the difference of the counts indicates the number of captured leukocytes. I analyze the blood samples utilizing a flow cytometer to provide a control for the experiments. Ideally, the microfluidic bio-chip will produce results consistent with that of the flow cytometer, thus creating a fast and reliable diagnostic device for medical practitioners to supplement their diagnosis and allow for quicker treatment of patients worldwide.
Issue Date:2017-04
Rights Information:Copyright 2017 Jeffrey Varghese
Date Available in IDEALS:2017-04-20

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