Library Trends 65 (3) Winter 2017: Collaboration in Agricultural Librarianship and Information Work [Restricted]


Library Trends 65 (3) Winter 2017: Collaboration in Agricultural Librarianship and Information Work. Edited by Sarah C. Williams and Christine D’Arpa.

The last Library Trends issue to focus on agricultural libraries and information, titled "Agricultural Libraries and Information," was published in the winter 1990 issue (vol. 38, no. 3). In their introduction the issue's editors, Keith Russell and Maria Pisa, noted that the state of agricultural information was changing due to increases in the number of individuals and organizations involved and in their inclination to cooperate. The editors also pointed to technological developments that helped facilitate cooperation in agricultural information work. Considering these changes, among others, they wrote: "The time appears to be right for agricultural information services to enter a new elevated phase of activity." More than twenty-five years later, this issue of Library Trends highlights some of that activity, with a particular focus on the cooperative or collaborative nature of agricultural information work and librarianship.

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