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Title:Design, Building, and Baseline Testing of an Apparatus Used to Measure Evaporation Characteristics of Ozone-Safe Refrigerants
Author(s):Wattelet, J.P.
Contributor(s):Renie, J.P.; Chato, J.C.
Subject(s):vapor-compression refrigeration system
evaporation and condensation
Abstract:Chlorofluorocarbons are the primary refrigerants used in vapor-compression air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Environmental concerns, such as the ozone depletion effect of chlorofluorocarbons, have led to an international agreement on the reduction and eventual elimination of these refrigerants. Alternative, ozone-safe refrigerants have been developed and their evaporation characteristics need to be assessed. A single-tube evaporation test facility has been designed and built to measure these characteristics. An instrumented, eight-foot long (2.44 m), 0.402-inch (10.21 mm) inside diameter evaporation test section equipped with SCRcontrolled, surface wrapped heaters is the main feature of the design. Leak testing and a preliminary system shakedown have been successfully completed. Baseline testing using CFC-12 as the reference fluid has been conducted. Mass fluxes were tested over the range of 100,000 Ibmlhreft2 (135 kg/sem2) to 400,000 Ibmlhreft2 (540 kg/s·m2), and heat fluxes were varied from 1600 Btulhreft2 (5.1 kW/m2) to 6400 Btulhr·ft2 (20.4 kW/m2). Evaporation temperatures were between 40 OF (4.4 OC) and 52 OF (11.1 OC) with inlet qualities of 20 to 60 percent. Expected trends in the data were observed. Average heat transfer coefficients compared closely with average heat transfer coefficients calculated from correlations of Chaddock-Noerager, Kandlikar, Shah, and Pierre. However, uncertainty in both temperature and heat input measurements require further improvements to the system. Additional capacity of the chiller system is also needed so that lower evaporation temperatures and larger heat additions to the test refrigerant can be maintained.
Issue Date:1990-08
Publisher:Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Center. College of Engineering. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
Series/Report:Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Center TR-02
Genre:Technical Report
Sponsor:Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Center Project 01
Date Available in IDEALS:2009-03-06
Identifier in Online Catalog:3441041

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