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  • Thomer, Andrea K.; Twidale, Michael B.; Guo, Jinlong; Yoder, Matthew J. (2016-02-28)
    Taxonomy is the branch of science concerned with classi- fying organisms: drawing the line between cats and dogs, fish and fowl, animals and vegetables. Modern taxonomic work is built on a hundreds-year-old tradition of ...


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  • Downie, J. Stephen; Cole, Timothy; Senseney, Megan (2015-12-22)
    This document assembles and describes the outcomes of the four prototyping projects undertaken as part of the Workset Creation for Scholarly Analysis (WCSA) research project (2013 – 2015). Each prototyping project team ...


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  • Senseney, Megan (2016-01-27)
    YesWorkflow (YW) is a grassroots initiative that “aims to provide a number of the benefits of using a scientific workflow management system without having to rewrite scripts and other scientific software.” YW represents ...


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  • Nurmikko-Fuller, Terhi; Fallaw, Colleen; Jett, Jacob; Page, Kevin R.; Cole, Timothy W.; Maden, Christopher; Willcox, Pip; Senseney, Megan; Downie, J. Stephen (Center for Informatics Research in Science and Scholarship, Graduate School of Library and Information Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2015-10-29)
    This spreadsheet provides a column-wise comparison of four leading RDF-based bibliographic vocabularies: MODS/MADS RDF, BIBFRAME, and FRBRoo. The data demonstrates areas of alignment among the ontologies with ...


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  • Hinze, Annika; Taube-Schock, Craig; Cunningham, Sally Jo; Bainbridge, David (2015-06-15)
    The Capisco project developed a suite of tools that analyze documents by the semantics of their content and metadata. Clustering documents by semantic similarity opens a wealth of opportunities for scholarly research.The ...


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