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  • Benevento, Jenny (2005-09-22)
    This white paper describes the template for the collections registry hosted by the IMLS Digital Collections and Content project.


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  • Knutson, Ellen M.; Palmer, Carole L.; Twidale, Michael B. (DCMI, 2003-09-28)
    In this poster we outline the types of institutions, metadata schemes, and materials contained in the NLG digital collection projects. It should come as no surprise that MARC and Dublin Core are the most often used metadata ...


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  • Palmer, Carole L.; Zavalina, Oksana L.; Mustafoff, Megan (Association for Computing Machinery, 2007-06)
    With the increasing focus on interoperability for distributed digital content, resource developers need to take into consideration how they will contribute to large federated collections, potentially at the national and ...


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  • Cragin, Melissa H.; Chao, Tiffany C.; Palmer, Carole L. (2011-07)
    Digital libraries (DLs) are adapting to accommodate research data and related services. The complexities of this new content spans the elements of DL development, and there are questions concerning data selection, service ...


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