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Title:SCTG: Social Communications Temporal Graph – A novel approach to visualize temporal communication graphs from social data
Author(s):Mishra, Shubhanshu
Social Media
Temporal Graph
Abstract:Communication on social channels such as social media websites, email, forums, and groups; follows an inherent temporal network structure. Herein, each communication e.g. a post, occurs at a specific point in time, which can be extracted from its metadata. Furthermore, each communication is also linked to a creator e.g. a user, organization, topic, or another communication—which created the communication. Finally, the communication items can be tagged with additional numeric metadata which can be used to score some attributes about the communication e.g. number of comments, retweets, or shares. SCTG is a web based visualization which builds on the visualization principles of –overview, zoom, filter, details-on-demand, relate, history, and extracts (Shneiderman 1996). An example of our visualization applied to a course Facebook group is shown in Figure 1. The tool allows users to highlight a timeline slice, highlight communications matching a specific creator, and identify the temporal connection between each communication and its creator. The visualization tool has also been successfully applied to visualize sentiment of tweets and it’s users as part of the SAIL project (Mishra et al. 2015). The visualization tool is aimed at highlighting the temporal communication nature of social communication channels and is made available as an open source javascript API which can be used by developers and researchers alike.
Issue Date:2017-10-10
Citation Info:Mishra, Shubhanshu. 2017. SCTG: Social Communications Temporal Graph – A novel approach to visualize temporal communication graphs from social data, UIUC Data Science Day, 10 (Oct. 2017), Urbana, IL
Genre:Conference Poster
Date Available in IDEALS:2017-11-06

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