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Title:The Kifita Farm Project: Agribusiness Strategies in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Author(s):Bulaya, Brian
Contributor(s):Miraftab, Faranak
food hub model
Geographic Coverage:Democratic Republic of Congo
Abstract:This study was executed on behalf of Kifita International LLC, a not-for-profit organization turned agribusiness in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), to explore potential agribusiness strategies for the Kifita Farm in the southern Katanga region of the country. Despite its' immense agricultural wealth, the DRC has been labeled a low-income food deficit country (LIFDC) for many decades, where the country has little to no money to import nutritionally beneficial food let alone produce it for its people. Armed conflict, ongoing insecurity, and population displacement are the primary drivers of food insecurity in DRC. With a majority of the employed population engaged in agriculture and only a fraction of the country's arable land under cultivation, the DRC has a huge untapped potential to increase food production within the country. Agribusiness holds the key to unlocking this potential and quelling food security issues. Using the Kifita Farm as a future implementation site, this study explores four potential agribusiness strategies - organic agriculture and livestock production; organic fertilizer, pesticide, or animal feed production; supply chain improvement; and agricultural research and development. The analysis shows that a food hub model (supply chain improvement) has the greatest potential to address food security in the Katanga province and maximize profits for all stakeholders. It is recommended that Kifita International LLC invest into a regional food hub that leverages the output of existing land users to transport produce to market before venturing into alternative agribusiness strategies.
Issue Date:2017
Series/Report:MUP Capstone
Sponsor:Kifita International LLC
Date Available in IDEALS:2017-11-07

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